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Celebes Black Macaque (Macaca nigra)

The Celebes Black Macaque

The Celebes Black Macaque

The Celebes Black Macaque is endemic to Indonesia and is currently (2003) listed as an endangered species. Their population declines due to hunting, the meat is considered a delicacy. Habitat destruction is another big factor for the decline. The python is a known predator of Celebes Black Macaque.

The Black Macaque is a medium sized monkey. They have stocky bodies, and a very short tail. Their rump is a distinct pink colour. They are around 55 cms in length, males weighing around 10 kilograms, and females around 5.5 kilograms. They are also known as the Crested Black Macaque.

They feed on a variety of foods. They primarily feed on fruit and other such vegetation, but have been known to also feed on small animals like mice or lizards. They have pouches in their cheeks which they will often store food in and continue foraging.

They communicate with each other by grunts, and will often groom each other. Dominant males of the group bare their teeth which is one way they establish dominance. If an animal approaches who is not part of their group, they will sound what is known as a scream call.

They inhabit the tropical rainforest island of Sulawesi in Indonesia which was previously known as Celebes (hence the name Celebes Black Macaque).

They breed year round, and the dominant male will be the first to breed with the female. The gestation period is around 165 days or five and a half months.


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