A Quick Insight Into Setting Up A Free Zone Company In UAE

Are you one of those who are always on the hunt of new business opportunities? If so, there is a lot you need to do to keep an eye on the best opportunity available near you. Let it be a little easier for you – UAE is fast emerging as the most desirable business destination in Asia. It is becoming one as the government is keen on welcoming fresh businesses from all parts of the world. The necessary legislation has already been done and free zones are being established as we speak. There is absolutely no denying the fact that UAE is offering an irresistible package for businesses from all parts of the world. The package is sweet and tempting, and you might say that same after going through the stipulations. The free zone package is particularly tempting. Initiating Ajman free zone company setup will likely offer you similar benefits as you will get by operating from other states. You might not come across a sweeter package in the entire region.

All businesses are offered complete tax exemption regardless of the type of business you’ve intend to run. Another significant benefit that you might interesting is related to business ownership. Seldom will you see businesses getting ownership when operating overseas but this is not the case with free zones. You end up getting complete ownership for your business after six months or so. In some cases, the ownership is granted after a year of successful completion of business operations from UAE. However, the time period also depends on several other factors so it may vary accordingly.


You will need a company startup consultant to help you start the business. You cannot do it all on your own until you are familiar with the law of the land or have started a business before. In either case, you stand a better chance to initiate the business on your own but you still cannot do it all alone. Handling legal matters for starting a fresh business in a country you know little to nothing about is not on. There is no denying the fact that you need a helping hand here. Nothing could help you more than a reputable company startup consultant. They’ll take off all the burdens from your shoulders and do them for you.

From calculating company startup budget to filling legal papers, to forming the company on paper, they’ll do it all for your RAK free zone company formation.


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