Basic EMS Implementation Checklist For New EMS Auditors

EMS auditors go through a rigorous task of checking whether the organization’s EMS is properly implemented. To make it easy for these new auditors to check and inspect, having a checklist would be the way to go.

If you are currently building your EMS checklist, here are the basic parts you should know:

  • Policies


The first part of the EMS Implementation Checklist is creating the list of questions for the existing policy if there is one. The list of questions should be directed on the content of the policy, its framework, how it is being implemented and its availability to the public.


EMS auditors who undergo ISO 14001 lead auditor training need to determine if policy is fit to the current environmental situation of the organization. This set of questions will determine whether the policy is still suitable for use and what parts should be updated or eliminated for policy redrafting.


  • Aspect


Aspect, in this case, refers to the physical and non-physical features or situations related to the workspace and environment. For example, air emission and waste management is part of the environmental aspect. It is important for an EMS auditor to determine these aspect be sure that everything is covered in the policy. The common mistakes in EMS is not identifying these features properly. There are instances where one is being overlook which might be a big risk factor for an organization.


The list of questions for this checklist tries to address not only if these aspect are identified but if there are policies correlating to these aspects.


  • Legal Requirements


This part of the EMS checklist pertains to the legal compliance of the organization based on the standard set by a government agency or an acclaimed institution related to their field. For instance, factories are required to meet minimum standards set by the institutions like ISO 9001 2015 training for quality management.

Before making this part of the checklist, be sure to know the legal requirements of the industry you are in. This would help you on drafting the question better and ensure that all legal basis are met.

  • Objectives and targets


Every policy has a target and KPI that should be set. This is to determine whether the policy and the system is working properly is suitable for implementation. For this part of the checklist, determine first the set KPI and based your questions whether the goals are correctly set and who are the individuals responsible for the implementation.


  • Resources and training


The last part of the checklist is knowing whether there are proper resources allocated on the implementation of EMS and if there are trainings conducted to ensure proper implementation. The checklist would also determine if the training needs are identified.


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