How to Select a Bulk SMS Service Provider in UAE

Be it choosing the right bulk SMS service provider in UAE or any other strategic partner, you need to take a lot of factors into considerations to make the best choice. While sticking to your budget is especially important, reliability and quality of service play an important role in this situation. Given that reliable delivery mechanisms and timely delivery of messages have a much more important role to play in guaranteeing the success of the campaign than what you need to pay per message, they should be your primary concerns when it comes to choosing the best service provider.

If you are in the throes of selecting a viable SMS provider, it is important that you ask these questions from each prospective vendor to glean a sense of their operations:

  • Will I encounter any standing charges or hidden costs associated with your services, or do you guarantee transparency in costing?
  • How much do you charge per message, per 10,000, per 1000?
  • What SLAs and guarantees can you offer me?
  • Are there any usage requirements or minimum requirements?
  • What do you know about click-through tracking and can you provide me with the same?
  • What networks are used in various locations I will be targeting customers in?
  • Have you gleaned membership of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum?
  • Do you track SMS deliveries?
  • Is there a trial or test period?
  • Is your interface easy to use and do you offer training opportunities to clients?
  • Does the gateway support your chosen protocol, such as SMTP, HTTPS, and XML?
  • Can you tell me in detail about any response handling mechanisms you offer?
  • Do you provide clients with performance reports?
  • Which customers are you currently providing SMS marketing services to?
  • Are your current and past customers happy with the service and can you provide references from them?

In addition to your gut instinct and market position, the answers to the questions above can help you make a decision if an SMS provider can deliver the reliability and quality of services that you need to make your campaign a success. A provider who promises to deliver robust reporting tools to help you get an idea of when and where your messages are delivered, offers you the most guarantees, mainly uses Tier-1 networks to deliver your campaign messages, and does not need to hide time-limit credits or charges, is the best service provider you can choose.


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