Why is Content Audit and Inventory so Important

Most of the people give more focus on link building to get solid rankings. In the rat race, the main job of SEO professionals is to get the website a better rank in the search engines. This can be a useful tool to enhance the website’s visibility.

The market trends have been changed and now more priority is given to the content in the website rather than link building in order to be in the long run. Net surfer is now fully aware of what he wants and what not. Addition of quality content in the website has become a major responsibility of the website owners however; the old pages are often ignored in this regard. This can be a serious problem that may degrade your website’s value. Old pages might not contain the data too much useful for the user in order to solve their problems. Altogether, a content audit has become a necessary duty before the process of link building is started. One has to pinpoint the scrap material and eliminate it from the website where the useful information should be added and elaborated for the user.

The first step to that process is to make a list of all the website pages. This can be done through Webmaster Central, the top linked pages can be downloaded but it will not include every page. Screaming Frog can be used to get the exact amount of pages. After that, in order to make sure every page should be manually clicked. This process may take a lot of time if the website has been there for a long time. Assistance will be very useful.

MS Excel can be very helpful in order to make a category of everything and one can pull the required data only. The main purpose of this process is to highlight those pages which are not very useful for the visitors. For that matter, the best method is to go for the page views. When a page on the website doesn’t cross over 100 views, it has not market value and it should be in the chopping block. The content in the website should be check by the human eye in detail. There should be a number of questions to be kept in mind while analyzing the data.

  • What is the target audience of the page?
  • What is the main aim of the page?
  • Is the content of not good quality or it is not just visible or highlighted enough?
  • Is the page telling people something they already know?

When all is done, there are four options: either to keep the content as it is, promote it in a better way through a digital agency in UAE, update and rewrite it or simple delete it. While working in MS excel, if there is a lot of data in many lines, one can simple use color coding to make is quick and easy what to do. If there are less page views and the quality of the content is good then the page deserves good promoting. Well-managed link building may help in this regard. If a little improvement is made in the content of the website, this will serve the purpose in the better way.


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