Visit Mintleaf for some of the best cocktails around town

While the rest of the humans pack their bags and head off for a period of time of fun under the sun on a remote island or chilly mountains of Europe, we Dubai-dwellers love getting into our finest light-weight fashions and keeping movement to a minimum. In such cozy times, if we do decide to come out of our shelters, it’s for a good cocktail in one of the finest places in Dubai. MintLeaf offers a plumb getaway with chilled lounge melody, bird’s-eye views and smartly crafted cocktails. Promising a cocktail suitable for the classiest of gentlemen, why not relax on lads’ night with this signature drink flat-top off with contemporary basil and mint. Find out about its weekday hours, live DJ and business executive tips with the best cocktails in Dubai.


Despite all the urge to stay under the shades, it doesn’t mean at all that you have got to miss out on all of the vacation action. Do yourself a favor and order yourself a pitcher of this vodka-based cocktail that is glorious for those trying to please their appetency. Whereas NYC is also deemed the cocktail capital of the globe, we’d prefer to suppose that city is well on its thanks to turning into a prime rival. What makes an excellent craft cocktail? We’d say its 3 things: a balance of flavors, cold temperatures and innovation. Whereas you will find incalculable craft drinks across town, do that for best cocktail bars in city.


The Memorable Experience

A meal at Mintleaf is often a tickle to the taste buds. The fine food, lavish expertise and exquisite views, not only stun you and your guests, but the exceptional service adds more value to your royal experience and turn your meal into an unforgettable one.

I have tried their new menu many times in the past that comprised of latest drinks and exotic dishes. Trust me, their products and menu is still hard to match in the city. The way their servers and bar-tenders greet their guests has always been sensible and welcoming. Their fantastic ambiance and quality of wine and cocktails is something that always makes me feel go back to the place, sit and dine with my besties every now and then. Try this place and you will always be filled with the urge to revisit it.


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