Duties of an internal auditor

We all need a supervisor. Like in our home, our parents are our supervisors, in school, there are teachers and while in the game, we have a coach and without these supervisors, we cannot perform well. We all do mistakes and that is why we have a supervisor, watching us and correcting us when we mess up or are about to mess up. Now lets’ dive into the reality, in the real life, when we jump into our careers, get a job or a do business, there are literally no supervisors. We have to learn on our own, but if you want to get successful in your business, then there are internal auditors.

Who are Internal Auditors?

These are the men and women who work as a third party and investigate that how our company is doing. This is actually a job and if you want to become one then you have to get the internal auditors training. The job of an internal auditor has a lot on their plate and you can look at this now to know about their duties.

  1. Assess Company’s IT Processes: the world has advanced a lot and now every company must have an IT department where the company’s social media marketing team and much of everything having a computer in it. An internal auditor will closely look at the work done in a three months period, six months period or more (it depends how many months of auditing you want). He or she will see that how the work and tasks are carried out.
  2. Assess the Risks that a Company Can Get in Future: depending upon work, the internal auditor will show what kind of threats the company can have in the future also keeping in mind the trends of the world. Not all the risks are 100% true but, in the world of business, anything is possible, so, you should pay heed to what the internal auditor says.
  3. Advise About Risk Management: when the risks are stated, it is the job of an internal auditor to suggest about the ways to manage or overcome those risks.
  4. Make Sure that the Company is Following All Rules and Laws: sometimes the govt also sends their internal auditors and they will right down the number of laws and rules that you are not following and will make sure that they are applied.


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