Things to ask your hairstylist

It can be a very overwhelming experience for a lot of people when they visit they have a hair appointment and they want to just go in and then leave without anyone asking any questions. The factor the matter is that if you are paying to get your hair done, then you definitely have every right to ask your hairstylist the right questions, so that you can get the best treatment possible. Beauty salons in JVC offer the best hair treatments.

There are some questions that you should certainly ask your hairstylist.

What kind of hair color tone will look great with your hair color?

This is a very important question. The color of our hair does really tend to be enhanced by the color of our eyes. So asking your hairstylist this will give you a better idea of what hair color compliments the color of your eyes.

How healthy are your scalp and hair?

Your stylist can assist you in improving the health of your hair and scalp by suggesting the best and appropriate products and treatments which will help in getting your hair back into shape if it is in a rather poor state.

What hair color compliments the tone of your skin and is best for the current season?

Our skin tone changes with the seasons. In summers most of us go a little darker due to the intense sun and in winter the tone of our skin lightens. So it is important to ask your stylist regarding the best hair color for your specific skin tone but do keep the weather and conditions in mind.

Which hair cut enhances the shape of my face or is more suitable?

You should always bring along a photo of the hair cut you want so that the stylist can understand what you are looking for. But be very mindful that customization is the key as not all haircuts look good on everybody. It depends on the person’s facial frame and shape. For example, people with long faces are discouraged to have long haircuts as it makes the face appear longer but on the other hand pixie cuts look amazing on individuals with oval faces.

What are the ways that I can adopt to make my hair look fuller and more thicker?

Most stylists just suggest hair volumizing products or try this and alter the hair cut in a way that the hair appear fuller.


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