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You may have heard stories of how iconic Dubai looks during the daytime, but have you ever had a glimpse of this city during the night time? Perhaps not, and your recent visit to Dubai is a great opportunity to see it up close, at night. There are several things that make this city stand out from all other tourist destinations. One of them is that it is home some of the most fascinated tourism spots. It competes favorably with some of the best tourism spots in the world. An amazing thing to note about the so called city of merchants is its night life. It’s not that the life is any different during the daytime, but saying that it comes to life during late hours of night wouldn’t be far from truth. You being here is a perfect opportunity to have evening desert safari in Dubai during the night time.

Take a quick walk to on the roads and you will notice shopping malls glittering with light. The same gold souk that looked dull and yellowish in the daylight has a fresh look at the night. The incredible glitter of pure gold is too irresistible for many. So much so that you find yourself standing in one of the shops. Step out of the souk and you have many more places to visit in the city at during late hours:

Mariana Ferry Ride

Though you can take the ride during daytime as well, taking it at the nighttime is an experience to behold. By the time you reach Bur Dubai, the lights of Dubai skyline begin to appear. It is indeed an awesome sight. Seeing the ferry passing slowly near the skyline looks amazing, so does the water reflecting the skyline lights. Within moments, you are off to last leg of your journey. The dinner is served and your journey is about to end but not before giving you a cherishing memory.

Burj Khalifa

By the time Burj Khalifa was inaugurated, it already had several records to its name. The tallest building in the world stands just over 800 meters tall. Seeing it from the ground during night time is amazing, but being in one of the many five star hotels inside the building is even more astounding. When you are inside the building, your perspective of the world outside suddenly begins to change. Things look smaller, seeing planes flying around, the clouds seem like hanging in the sky close to you. These are some amazing sights and you might not get another opportunity to see it all again. Keeping this in mind, don’t forget keep your camera in the pocket before leaving hotel room. How about starting the day with the morning desert safari in Dubai?


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