Common Mistakes To Avoid When Joining Fairs and Exhibitions

Joining exhibitions is a good way to promote your product and spread the word. But oftentimes, some participants find themselves disheartened as they think that joining these kinds of events did not profit or help their business.

But there are no need to discount fairs and exhibitions, you just need to avoid these common mistakes and make your booth a hit:

  • Choosing the wrong event to join

One of the rookie mistakes that exhibit participants commit is joining in every fair that comes along their way. Why is this a bad thing? Because not all exhibitions are suitable for your brand and company. Most exhibits today are industry-specific. Although there are some far-fetched exhibition participants who join all the fair events, their products and services appeal to all types of audience (i.e. food and beverage stalls).


You need to know how to place your brand properly. Experienced fair participants know when to join and what event they should join in, since they are familiar with the organizers and know which event would benefit them the most. When you are in the process of picking an exhibition to join, take time to research on what the fair is all about, who is the target audience and what companies and industries would be joining the event.


  • Setting no objectives

When you are joining a fair, the first thing that comes to mind is to make a sale. That is an objective, but you need to be more specific about it. For example, how many products are you expecting to sell in this event? You need to set a benchmark, so on your next event, you can improve your sales and reach much higher goals. It will also determine whether you reached your goal or fall short from it.


You can set multiple goals if you want. Some common goals aside from sales are: the number of people who liked your page, the number of customers who subscribe to your mailing list, or the number of people who give out their contact details for future references.


  • Paying no attention to your stand design

Joining an exhibition or fair is no easy task as you will probably meet some competition there. If you are opting for a simple kind of booth, then you are making big mistake. There is a reason why exhibitors are getting creative exhibition stand contractors in Dubai today, and that is because they want to get noticed. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to invest on an outstanding design that would attract more booth visits and potential sales.


  • Not bringing enough staff to man the booth

If people are flocking to your booth, that is a good problem. But it can turn into a bad problem if you are not able to accommodate them all. Be sure to get enough staff to help you out.

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